6 thoughts on “AnF 1.13 “The Dreamers”

  1. Now this one is the best 🙂
    And the quote is so true, especially when have been watching a series of movies the whole night and don’t get head or tail of the lecture!!

  2. But it is also true that dreamers are the ones that change the world for those who have care to dream, care to think of things in a different perspective… in a future perspective

  3. Observation :

    This ANF changes it all…

    Y a sudden departure from the world of caricatures to use of real live characters ???

    We all knew who Mr. ANF was ..but giving it such a clear cut portrayal kills the beauty of just trying to connect the strings together .. coz sometimes i felt Mr.ANF was not anshy it was someone else… well kind of related to it ….

    Moreover agree with Rook’s comment no 2.

  4. please dont try to correlate the now called “Mr. ANF” to the author….
    The characters portrayed here are purely a work of fiction and DO NOT resemble any person living or dead in real life

  5. thats the whole idea behind it…. so that the person who sees it goes “holy crap, i’v been there”
    … we all are the same bro

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