5 thoughts on “AnF 1.14 “The Fall”

  1. I’d like to differ with you here… It’s not love that breaks your heart, but the expectations you have from that love. Love like mad but never ask anything in return. You’ll remain high all the time. No Fall.

  2. Now, this is depressing and just totally wrong. It’s Love that makes our species so special and we should be happy that we felt it even for a few fleeting moments.

  3. For a change, a small observation…
    First Pic outside MNNIT… though not very far away but rather most suicides by MNNITians is by hanging on that age-old fan that still might just be forgiving enough to fall down the moment you tie a rope a across it, and give you a second chance. So why go the distance at all!!

  4. Hmm Mitesh made the observation ……..

    But still a total departure from the previous ANF’s …,.
    where LOVE was something divine …
    Being in presence of ur lover was finding your ownself ….

    Does this reflect the actual journey of MR ANF !!!!
    From a person who aspired to be search for Himself in the eyes of her ..to a person who now seems to have lost himself ….

    I can’t wait for the final 3 … which I believe will complete the saga ….

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