AnF 2.1 “On Time”

Yes guys, AnF is back 🙂

After a long loooooooong break… AnF is back. For those who dont know what this is about, check out the AnF Season 1 >> HERE .
This one is an excerpt from a poem by W.H. Auden.
As usual, I try to express the thoughts more graphically and less through words. I Hope you guys enjoy the ride.

P.S – Get well soon Mitesh "The Rook" Karwa…. we miss you

7 thoughts on “AnF 2.1 “On Time”

  1. the thing i like most about your work is that the background is most of the tym our own college so u can imagine people doing these things!!!

  2. This season, let me start something as well. For every AnF you prepare, I'll try to express your thoughts in poetry. All the best to you and me.

    Nights are long and chats are sweet
    Buzz, Blogger, Facebook and tweet
    Morning classes all go in vain
    As alarms fail to wake me up again.

    And Thanks for your wishes. 🙂

  3. Oh I remember those days…getting kicked out of class for being late…then landing up in computer center or going back to hostel. Those were the good ol' days… *sigh*

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