I AM THE DREAM – Culrav Promotional Video

The morning chirruping of the words – Culrav . The Cultural Fest of MNNIT Allahabad.

For those who haven't seen the video yet, here you go :

This Project was executed in a kind of hurry. Because the main purpose was not to make a great video but to get it done on time.

It all started 2 years back. When i heard this track. Since then i wanted to use it somewhere. Even though i was never really attached with Culrav, this time me being the Organising Secretary, i had put my best effort into making the video. So, here are some quick facts about the video :

  1. This is the first video i shot with a handycam (sony). Previous ones were shot with a canon digi-cam.
  2. The toughest part was to find the cast. I asked for help from my friend pallavi for the casting.
  3. Out of the 4, only the role of the dancer was constant… as in she was always the only pick for the role.
  4. My biggest CG work with After Effects till date.
  5. My biggest headache was to get "dates" from the extremely pre-occupied cast :P. Only the poet girl was kind enough to finish her part on time.
  6. The "i am the passion" title text clip took the longest time to render.Heavy on effects.
  7. The original track is different. I remixed it and made it longer.
  8. Overall project duration( from first scene shot to the final rendering) – 5 days
  9. i am really sleepy right now :yawn

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