7 thoughts on “AnF 1.4 “Friends for Life”

  1. So true…. so true …

    1 observation… couldn’t help it

    1)The central character
    ( the one with four hair strands is same ..)
    is he a caricature of the cartoonist himself …??

  2. AnF 1.4 stands out from the other AnF’s. Couldn’t resist commenting after reading the thought provoking quote at the end. It made me remember moments similar to the one depicted above. Keep expressing your thoughts buddy!

  3. Thanx anshul..
    this reminds me of one of the most memorable moments i had in this college..
    but unfortunately ,we dint become friends..
    actually this was the first and the last time we met.. :’)

  4. So true…it really is amazing how we land up meeting our good friends…and we always remember those little things about the first meetings. You are very talented 🙂

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