AnF 2 : Coming Soon

AnF – a pictorial series about college, friendship, love and life

It was a wonderful experience last semester when AnF emerged for the first time. For 17 days i tried to capture all sorts of emotions and complexities of the life of a college student. And the response from the viewers was overwhelming getting 2500 hits in 17 days. So AnF is back again, this time bigger and better, with new surprises in the life of Mr. AnF. I switched the platform to blogspot for better functionality giving me complete control over my work. So just wait for the journey to begin…. again šŸ˜€

For those who are not familiar with AnF, and haven’t seen Season 1, here is the link : AnF Season 1.

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    I am curious am i just seeing things or do i see a face embedded in the road were answers is written

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